The Chocolate

The food of gods, a delightful experience

Upala chocolate is a single origin product, meaning that all cacao we use is been produce at our farm or by local growers in the same area. As a result of: producing endemic varieties and strict controls along all the process, we can assure a high quality dark chocolate to those who like to get delighted by a good pure chocolate.


About US

The Upala Region of Costa Rica Known as having conditions suitable to production of a unique Criollo – type Cacao, is the home of Finca La Anita. Our family and local workers carefully transform this high-quality cacao into organic chocolate while maintaining the fragile rainforest ecology.


The Zone

Upala is a Costa Rican region well known for having criollo type cacao trees for over 100 years. This allow us to keep reproducing the same old good strains combined with new varieties resistant to some deceases.


Our staff love making chocolate (who will not!) they carefully go through every single process making sure all is done with the highest quality and having as only goal to produce the best dark chocolate.


Upala is a brand that not only represent a product, but also represents the inherent work that is been developed with the environment and the community where we are and where comes 100% of our team.


Our Products

At La Anita we only produce high quality pure dark chocolate. We have decided not to use milk or any other product that may disturb the flavor that comes out from using high quality pods and a high-quality process. Our clientele are mainly chocolate connoisseurs who recognized and appreciate the pureness of our chocolate.


Our Products Certified

Our company is 100% Costa Rican. We are proud to be part of the Essential Costa Rica certification. Essential Costa Rica is a country brand that stands and certified those Costa Rican companies that stands for excellence, innovation, sustainability, social improvement and origin. We also are certified for having our fields free of chemicals and for the use of organic supplies.

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Contact Us

Costa Rica

La Anita Rainforest Lodge, Aguas Claras, Alajuela, CR

(506) 2466-0228

United States

UPALA CHOCOLATE. 4313 Karen Ave Jefferson LA 70121 USA

(504) 4504 039


(506) 2466 • 0228

(506) 8388 • 1775

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